Parkhill Cemetery
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Cemeteries in North Middlesex

North Middlesex cemeteries remain open for gravesite visits and services. Those attending a service or visiting a gravesite must practice safe physical distancing in compliance with directives from the Province of Ontario and the Medical Officer of Health.

Decoration Day Services return for 2022! This year, two services will be happening at the Parkhill Cemetery and West Williams (Sylvan) Cemetery undertaken by Chaplain Mark Isaac. Learn more.


Map of Active & Inactive Cemeteries

Municipally Owned & Operated

Operator Number-4690155 Corporation Municipal Not for Profit

Parkhill Cemetery

West Williams (Sylvan) Cemetery

St. Mary's (Brinsley) Cemetery

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Nursery Cemetery


Independently Owned & Operated

Bornish St. Columba's Cemetery

  • Location- 31619 Centre Rd, (Former West Williams Township)
  • Owner-  Roman Catholic Episcopal Sacred Heart Church
  • Operator- St. Columba Cemetery Board
  • Contact: Alice Facchina (519) 294-1067

Carlisle Community Cemetery

  • Location- 19 Falkirk St. (Former East Williams Township)
  • Owner- United Church of Canada
  • Operator- Carlisle Cemetery Board
  • Contact: Dave Siddall (519) 232-4356 or John McKichan (519) 232-4515

Ebenezer Cemetery

  • Location- 35208 Maguire Rd, (Former McGillivary Township)
  • Owner- McGillivary Ebenezer
  • Operator- McGillivary Ebenezer Cemetery Board
  • Contact: Wes Hodgson (519) 227-2206

First Nairn Cemetery

  • Location- 4430 Queens Ave. (Former East Williams Township)
  • Owner- First Nairn Cemetery
  • Operator- First Nairn Cemetery Board
  • Contact: Don Steeper 226-376-6370 or Doug Eagleson 519-232-4464
  • Mailing Address- 4386 Queens Ave Ailsa Craig

Mar's Hill Cemetery

  • Location- 4257 McGillivary Dr, (Former McGillivary Township)
  • Owner- Brinsley United Church
  • Operator- Mar's Hill Cemetery
  • Contact: Doug Lee (519) 293-3095 or Neil Trevithick (519) 293-3101

Nairn Mennonite Cemetery

  • Location- 26459 Bear Creek Rd, (Former East Williams Township)
  • Owner- Nairn Mennonite Church
  • Operation- Nairn Mennonite Cemetery Board
  • Contact: Harry Martin (519) 232-4428
Frequently Asked Questions

How many burials are permitted in one lot?

No more than 6 interments shall be allowed in any adult full-sized lot which includes the following combinations (where allowed by the Cemetery Operator):

  • a) 1 regular burial (casket interment);
  • b) 1 regular (casket interment) with up to 4 cremated interments (if conditions allow);
  • c) up to 6 cremated interments only;

How many monuments are permitted on one lot?

One monument and One flat marker (set flush to the ground) per lot

What are the regulations for memorial ornaments on the lots?

One solar light fixture, artificial flowers, wreaths, vases, urns, flower stands, or suitable memorial ornamentation are permitted on lots from May 1 to October 31. If these become in any way detrimental to the adjacent lots, roads or walkways or prejudicial to the general appearance of the grounds or inconvenience to the cemetery or the public, the Cemetery Operator may remove some without further notice.

Are flower beds permitted?

A flower bed is permitted. The size of the flower bed shall not exceed a width of 12 inches, shall be located only on the face side of the monument, and shall not exceed the length of the monument. If the solar light fixture(1), flowers or other plants become in any way detrimental to adjacent lots, roads or walkways or prejudicial to the general appearance of the grounds or inconvenience to the public, the Cemetery Operator may remove such parts thereof without further notice. Interment rights holders or their legal representatives must maintain and remove any old, decayed or overgrown plants within the flowerbed from May 1 to October 31 of each year.

Additional Resources

Care & Maintenance

The Municipality must maintain Care and Maintenance Trust Funds when Monuments and Sale of Plots occur. Only the interest earned from these investments can be used by the Municipality. As you can imagine, with historic low-interest rates for many years, interest earned on these accounts does not yield a high return. 

Donate Today

Thank you to all those who have generously donated to our cemeteries over the years. These donations were very much appreciated as they assisted in offsetting expenses each year used specifically to maintain and enhance flower beds, signage etc.

Donations can be requested to go towards a specific Cemetery under the care of the Municipality. If you wish to donate to help maintain and enhance North Middlesex Cemeteries they can be made by cash, debit or cheque at the Municipal Office. Tax Receipts are issued for donations over $25.00.  You may submit by mail or in person during regular office hours.