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Grants and Funding


 Due to COVID 19, many organizations had to cancel or postpone their event for 2020 which may have been supported through an allocation from this program. There is still much uncertainty with respect to public gatherings and how this may impact these projects or events moving forward.  On September 16, 2020 - Council approved a motion that would allow an extension to these organizations to use this same allocation towards the same event in 2021 and therefore would eliminate the need to reapply through the submission process.  ** This only applies to applicants that received a letter from the Municipality dated February 2020 - outlining the approved allocation and the event was subsequently cancelled or postponed**

If your organization received funding in 2020 but your event and/or project was unable to take place due COVID 19 - Please call or email the Clerk  before filling out a new application under the 2021 Program as it may qualify for this extension provision.

All other organizations considering projects and/or events for 2021 should apply as usual through the program - Deadline is November 30th at 12:00 noon - NO EXCEPTIONS

If you submit by email it is your responsibility to receive a notification acknowledging the submission was received by the Clerk's Office in advance of the deadline.

Jackie Tiedeman, Clerk  email: or 519-294-6244 ext 224


The purpose of this policy is to establish a policy, procedures and criteria to handle in a fair, open and responsive manner, requests from community organizations for funding assistance from the Municipality of North Middlesex that contributes to the enjoyment, health and well-being of the residents, visitors and communities within the Municipality.


Community Development Fund Policy and Application Form 


Fund Categories: 

1. Community Vibrancy Funds - Total Yearly Amount Available: up to $50,000

    (the limit per any project may be $5,000)

The categories below are funded through the general taxation budget up to $48,000

2. Ongoing Program Funding - Total Yearly Amount Available: up to $20,000

3. Multi-Year Project Funding - Total Yearly Amount Available: up to $5,000

4. Start-up and/or Seed Funding - Total Yearly Amount Available: up to $5,000

5. Cash Assistance for Facility Rental - Total Yearly Amount Available: up to $15,000

6. Disaster Relief Funding Assistance - Total Yearly Amount Available: up to $2,000

7. Other Charitable Funding - Total Yearly Amount Available: up to $1,000 


IMPORTANT - Complete application forms with required support documents must be submitted to the Clerk and received on or before 12:00 p.m. (according to the computer at the front counter) on November 30th in order to be considered for the following years budget

Applications received after this deadline will not be considered under any circumstance by the Committee.


 2019 Summary of Applications Received

2019 Community Vibrancy Fund Recipients 

Questions related to this program may be directed to Jackie Tiedeman, Clerk 


The purpose of the policy is to establish consistent principles, standards and guidelines for the maintenance, management and accounting of Community Vibrancy Fund programs funded by the amenity fee of approximately $255,000 from Bornish Wind GP


  • Community Development Fund Program - $50,000 (Vibrancy portion administered through the CDFP process)
  • Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital Foundation Program (2017-2026) - $40,000 annually 
  • Facade Grant Program - $15,000
  • Endowment Fund Program - $25,000
  • Annual Budget Mitigation Program - $125,000

Community Vibrancy Funds Policy
FP.02 Version 1 dated November 1, 2017



North Middlesex has earmarked $15,000/year from the Community Vibrancy Fund for the development of a façade Improvement program for eligible businesses within the designated Main Street areas.

The goal of the program is to assist property owners (or authorized tenants) of existing street-level retail and/or commercial buildings located within the downtowns to invest in the improvement of the appearance, functionality and/or accessibility of the buildings’ storefronts and/or façades to:

  1. Make streets of a more inviting and interesting place to walk and shop;
  2. Help building owners attract and retain tenants;
  3. Build civic pride among the local business community;
  4. Contribute to the quality of life of residents, workers and visitors; and,
  5. Improve the marketability of the local business area.


The 2020-2021 Facade Improvement Program is now closed.