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ABCA Shoreline

Three local conservation authorities, including Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority and working with community partners, have released four videos on shoreline themes for public information. The 2022 video series, videotaped by a professional video production company, includes two new videos and two updated videos. The videos provide information on four themes: shoreline processes; living with erosion; what you need to know before planning to build along the shoreline; and what you need to know before buying property along the shoreline.

“We hope this series of videos will provide valuable information to people who own property near Lake Huron, to those who are considering a shoreline purchase or who are planning to build here or people who are simply planning to visit,” said Ashley Richards, Communications Coordinator with Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA). “Some people who are new to Lake Huron, or who are considering moving here or building here, may want more information about the natural hazards that exist along the shoreline, such as erosion, the permits that are required, and how to find out more.”

Water levels, wave energy, groundwater seepage, and overland flow are some factors in bluff erosion. Rotational & landslide failures are two kinds of bluff failure.

Shoreline Processes Video