Hydro One Forestry Maintenance

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Hydro One Forestry Maintenance

Hydro One Forestry is planning to do regular forestry maintenance work in the Ailsa Craig – Nairn area throughout 2022 (see map attached below). The maintenance will include the removal of dead, dying, and/or dangerous trees, the trimming of branches away from energized lines, and the removal of taller sticks of brush that has the potential to foul power lines.

Hydro One's Forestry Practices

With over 150,000 kilometres of transmission and distribution power lines, Hydro One maintains them through a preventative approach of vegetation management work on a six to eight-year cycle. These practices have been developed to determine the best methods to keep their power lines and equipment clear from potential hazards, helping to ensure a reliable supply of electricity to your homes and businesses.

Hydro One has the largest electricity distribution and transmission service territory in Ontario, with diverse wildlife, tree species, and terrain. They always take into consideration the indigenous species, growth habits, tree health, invasive species, and species at risk, as well as geography and individual line voltage to make the best decisions for their customers and the local environment.

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