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Committees of Council

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Economic Development Committee consists of two members of Council. The Committee was established and is dedicated to the promotion and growth of economic development in the Municipality. This committee reviews and hear proposals for economic development projects and then provides recommendations to Council through reports which are considered during regular council meetings.  For the full By-law and Terms of Reference for the committee, click here.

Local School Advisory Committee

This committee was established in December 2015 by the Council of the Municipality of North Middlesex. The purpose of this Committee is to identify issues and recommend solutions on the declining enrolment of all North Middlesex schools which impacts the curriculum, possibly the quality of education for the students and potentially have economic impact on the community.

There are three council members appointed along with Arlene Morell, Trustee for the Thames Valley School Board, representing Middlesex County, as a resource to the Committee.

The Ontario Rural Education Symposium 2016 Report is available upon request.

  • The Committee is currently seeking individuals to provide input that include: parents of children enrolled in NMDHS, feeder schools (East William School, Parkhill West Williams School, McGillivray School, Sacred Heart School and interested citizens.

Cemetery Committee consists of two members of council as well as volunteer citizen members from the municipality. This committee oversees the active and inactive cemeteries throughout North Middlesex. The minutes of these meetings, which may contain recommendations from this Committee, is then forwarded to council for consideration during regular council meetings.

Committee of Adjustment consists of all council members. The purpose of this committee is to consider planning applications received under the Planning Act which include Consents to sever land, Minor Variances and Site plan control applications.

If you have questions about any of these committees please contact the Clerks Department.