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Mayor and Council

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Council Term 2018-2022 

Brian Ropp - Mayor

 Mayor Ropp


Mayor Brian Ropp was elected to serve the Municipality of North Middlesex on October 22, 2018.  Mayor Ropp had previously served one term on municipal Council in the role of Deputy Mayor.  Mayor Ropp received widespread support in the 2018 election garnering 79% of the mayoral votes cast.  He brings a lifelong commitment to public service as a community volunteer and organizer, always ready to lend a hand to support local events and initiatives. As a member of Middlesex County Council, Brian represents North Middlesex at the County table and sets the strategic direction for the County and its annual $100 million budget. Brian also serves a number of additional roles as a member of County Council including:

  • Member of the County Budget Committee
  • Member of the Middlesex-London Land Ambulance Board


As Mayor, Brian works with his Council colleagues to provide strategic direction through the CAO and Senior Leadership Team for the efficient and effective operation of North Middlesex’s administration.  Mayor Ropp also works to represent North Middlesex across the region as a champion for economic development and growth.  


“It is important that we work together as Council and staff to lead with optimism.  When our leadership is forward-thinking, responsive and accountable, we can communicate our vision and gets things done for the residents of North Middlesex.  We will also lead by example and inspire our youth to become involved and take on leadership roles themselves.” 


Prior to entering politics, Mayor Ropp had a successful career as a manager in the private sector.  He knows how to motivate and lead a team and brings that experience to North Middlesex Council.

Adrian Cornelissen - Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor Cornelissen


Doreen McLinchey - Councillor Ward 1

Councillor McLinchey


Joan Nichol - Councillor Ward 2

Councillor Nichol


Gord Moir - Councillor Ward 3

Councillor Moir


John Keogh - Councillor Ward 4

 Councillor Keogh


Andy Hemming - Councillor Ward 5

Councillor Hemming