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**New for 2018**

In May 2017 there was an amendment to the Municipal Act, 2001, Section 373 (1) regarding tax arrears - certificate - registration.  This new legislation permits the municipality to prepare and register a tax arrears certificate once a property is any part of TWO years in arrears or later.  The municipality will be using these guidelines starting January 1, 2018.


Our municipality issues two tax billings a year with two payments due on each billing. The interim billing is sent out in late January with instalments due on the fourth last business day of February and May. The interim bill is based on 50% of the prior years taxes. The final billing is sent out in late July or early August with instalments due on the fourth last business day of August and November. This billing is done after the budget is approved and it is composed of your property's share of the current years budget less the amount already billed on the interim bill.

Please read your tax billing carefully for details about due dates, penalty & interest and payment options. Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse a taxpayer from the responsibility of the payment of taxes, nor relieve the taxpayer from the liability of penalty for late payments.

Penalty for late payment is added on the first day of default.

Some on-line and telephone banking payments continue to be inputted incorrectly. If you pay your accounts by telephone or Internet, please read below carefully to ensure that you are making your payments correctly:

Customers paying by telephone and/or Internet banking must be sure to separately input all of their account numbers and payment amounts properly. The Municipality will credit only the accounts shown on the deposit advice for the amounts indicated. Penalties will accrue on accounts that remain outstanding due to failure to notify us properly. Related questions should be directed to the Municipal Office or your financial services provider.

Tax Rate Summaries

2012 Tax Rate Summary

2013 Tax Rate Summary

2014 Tax Rate Summary

2015 Tax Rate Summary

2016 Tax Rate Summary

2017 Tax Rate Summary

2018 Tax Rate Summary

2019 Tax Rate Summary

2020 Tax Rate Summary

Bylaw #37 of 2018 - Being a by-law for the adoption of the 2018 levy, and to further provide for the adoption of tax rates and to further provide for penalty and interest in default of payment thereof for 2018.

Payment Options

At most Financial Institutions on or before due date

Pre-authorized payments (forms are available at the Main Office in Parkhill, or in our forms section)
Automatic Banking Machines
Telephone & Internet payments through Bank
By epost - Sign up today at to have your tax and/or water bill delivered electronically.

By Mail - Enclose your cheque with remittance stub payable to:

Municipality of North Middlesex
Parkhill,ONN0M 2K0

In Person - You may drop off your payments at the following location:

Municipality of North Middlesex

Shared Services Centre
229 Parkhill Main Street
Monday to Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Drop box available outside main door. Please enclose remittance stub(s). No cash in the drop box please.