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Picture of North Middlesex District High School

Below is a listing of Thames Valley District Schools in the North Middlesex.

Public Schools:

East Williams Public School Logo  East Williams Memorial Public School

4441 Queens Ave., RR#1, Ailsa Craig, Ontario, N0M 1A0

Phone: 519-232-4505             Website:

McGillivray Public School Logo  McGillivray Central Public School

34714 Creamery Rd., RR#3, Ailsa Craig, Ontario, N0M 1A0

Phone: 519-293-3342              Website:

Parkhill West Williams Public School Logo  Parkhill-West Williams Public School

204 McLeod St., Parkhill, Ontario, N0M 2K0

Phone: 519-294-1117                Website:

Catholic Schools:

Sacred Heart Catholic School Logo Sacred Heart

148 Anne St., Parkhill, Ontario, N0M 2K0

Phone: 519-660-2776                Website:


North Middlesex District High School Logo  North Middlesex District High School

100 Main St., Parkhill, Ontario, N0M 2K0

Phone: 519-294-1128                Website:

Local School Advisory Committee 

The North Middlesex Council established this Advisory Committee, which is comprised of three council members and members of the community, to have an open dialogue on current school issues. This committee meets monthly (September - June) in Parkhill.

To access the Ontario Rural Education Symposium 2016 Report, click here.

To obtain more information on future meetings or to get a copy of minutes from previous Local School Advisory Committee meetings, please contact Judy at


For a listing of surrounding area schools, please see below:

 Public Schools

Adelaide-W.G. MacDonald Public School

Adelaide WG MacDonald Public School Logo 

29059 School Rd., RR#5, Strathroy, Ontario, N7G 3H6

Phone: 519-247-3369


J.S. Buchanan F.I.

248 Keefer St., Strathroy, Ontario, N7G 1E2

Phone: 519-245-0473


Mary Wright Public School

Mary Wright Public School Logo 

213 Carroll St. W, Strathroy, Ontario, N7G 1B1

Phone: 519-245-2044


North Meadows Public School

North Meadows Public School Logo 

82 Middlesex Dr., Strathroy, Ontario, N7G 4G5

Phone: 519-245-7373


Wilberforce Public School

Wilberforce Public School Logo

340 Beech St., Lucan, Ontario, N0M 2J0

Phone: 519-227-2185

 Catholic Schools

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel School Logo

 69220 Bronson Line, Dashwood, ON N0M1N0

Phone Number: 519-237-3337


Our Lady Immaculate

Our Lady Immaculate Catholic School Logo

75 Head St. N, Strathroy, Ontario, N7G 4K6

Phone: 519-660-2774


St. Patrick

St. Patrick Catholic School Logo

33654 Roman Line, Lucan, Ontario, N0M 2J0

Phone: 519-660-2789


St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School Logo

286 McKellar St., Strathroy, Ontario, N7G 2Y5

Phone: 519-660-2794

Private Schools

Blyth Academy London

Blyth Academy Private School Logo

1486 Richmond St., London, Ontario, N6G 2M3

Phone: 519-204-6016


Matthews Hall Private School

Mathews Hall Private School Logo

1370 Oxford St. W, London, Ontario, N6H 1W2

Phone: 519-471-1506


Providence Reformed Collegiate

Providence Private School Logo

93 Queen St., Komoka, Ontario, N0L 1R0

Phone: 519-471-0661


Riverbend Academy

Riverbend Private School Logo

2436 Gideon Dr., Delaware, Ontario, N0L 1E0

Phone: 519-652-0052


Strathroy Community Christian

Strathroy Community Christian School Logo

7880 Walkers Dr., Strathroy, Ontario, N7G 3H5

Phone: 519-245-1934

High schools

Holy Cross Catholic Secondary

Holy Cross Catholic School Logo

367 Second St., Strathroy, Ontario, N7G 4K6

Phone: 519-660-2796


St. Annes Catholic High School

St. Anne's Catholic School Logo

353 Ontario St, Clinton, ON N0M 1L0

Phone: 519-482-5454


Strathroy District Collegiate Institute

Strathroy District High School Logo

361 Second St., Strathroy, Ontario, N7G 4J8

Phone: 519-245-2680