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Facade Improvement Grant Program

2018 Facade Improvement Grant Program

Based on the success of the Main Street Middlesex Program and the multitude of successful projects that this program enabled, North Middlesex has earmarked $15,000/year from the Community Vibrancy Fund for the development of a similar façade Improvement program for eligible businesses within the designated Main Street areas. Please refer to the menu below for the full details of the 2018 North Middlesex Facade Improvement Grant Program.

Businesses thinking of applying for the facade program are encouraged to meet with staff to discuss the program eligibility and process. Contact Justin Dias, Director of Economic Development and Community Services at 519-294-6244 ext.220 or via email at to set up a meeting.

Goal of the Facade Improvement Program

The goal of the program is to assist property owners (or authorized tenants) of existing street-level retail and/or commercial buildings located within the downtowns to invest in the improvement of the appearance, functionality and / or accessibility of the buildings’ storefronts and/or façades to:

  1. Make streets a more inviting and interesting place to walk and shop.
  2. Help building owners attract and retain tenants;
  3. Build civic pride among the local business community;
  4. Contribute to the quality of life of residents, workers and visitors; and,
  5. Improve the marketability of the local business area.

Eligible Properties

  1. Business must be located within the boundaries of a designated downtown according to the traditional Main Street Middlesex eligible area maps (see below)
  2. Applicants must provide a minimum 50% contribution towards the total cost of the project
  3. The grant applicant may be the property owner or tenant. A tenant must have the property owner’s signed approval of the proposed building improvement.
  4. A Façade Improvement Grant may only be made to a retail, commercial or mixed use property located within the defined designated areas.

 Ailsa Craig Eligible Area

Parkhill Eligible Area


Other Considerations
  • Projects may not commence prior to the receipt of an approval letter from the municipality.
  • While all business and property owners within the defined mainstreet areas are encouraged to apply, priority may be given to applicants who have not previously received Façade Improvement Grant funding from another source.
  • Each applicant may be awarded only one grant per year.
  • The completed design or proposal for the improvement project must be submitted as part of the application. Any changes made to the façade that have not been previously approved by the Committee will not be eligible for funding.
  • The applicant will be reimbursed for up to the amount of the grant award stated in their approval letter (up to $2500) and only upon completion of the project. Actual expenses must be supported and verified with receipts/paid invoices.
  • The project must be completed within one year from the date that the grant approval letter is issued.
  • Work must be done in a professional manner.
Types of Eligible Projects

Eligible Improvment Works include: 

  • repainting, cleaning or re-facing of facades;
  • repair or restoration of façade masonry, brickwork or wood;
  • replacement, repair or restoration of cornices, eaves, parapets and other architectural features;
  • replacement or repair of windows;
  • entranceway modifications that improve the appearance and/or access to commercial units;
  • redesign and reconstruction of the store front;
  • installation of appropriate new signage or improvements to existing signage;
  • installation or repair of canopies and awnings;
  • installation or repair of exterior lighting;
  • restoration of historic features;
  • storefront improvements;
  • restoration of original/historical windows, doors and trim where possible;
  • repair or replacement of windows, doors and trim; 
  • removing paint from brick or stone (sandblasting is not be eligible); 
  • cleaning and repair or installation of approved siding; 
  • roofing visible from street level
  • murals
Ineligible Projects
  • Interior repairs of any kind
  • Purchase of commercial property/equipment
  • New construction
  • Painting of brick/stone in non-heritage colour schemes
  • Removal/destruction of restorable heritage property or elements.
  • Application of siding or other materials used to mask or camouflage historic brickwork, windows or trim.

*Applicants will not be reimbursed for their own labour/time.  Only labour costs from third party contractors may be included in the grant application

Eligible Areas

Eligible Mainstreet Area - Parkhill

Eligible Mainstreet Area - Ailsa Craig

Application Form

A complete application would consist of:

  1. Signed and completed Façade Improvement Grant Application Form
  2. Attached copies of any available drawings, photos and descriptive information on the design of the project
  3. Two cost estimates from third party contractors for project work to be completed

Application forms may be downloaded here (click to download) or picked up from the Shared Services Centre, 229 Parkhill Main Street, Parkhill during regular business hours.  Whether submitting to municipal office or via email, it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the application is received by the deadline (July 13, 2018 - 12:00 Noon)

2018 Application Timelines

Note: Applications are now CLOSED for the 2018 Facade Improvement Grant Program. Stay tuned for more details about the 2019 Facade Improvement Grant Program.


All applications received by the application deadline will be reviewed to ensure eligibility.  Eligible applications will be independently evaluated by the review committee and scored against the evaluation matrix.  The applications with the highest average score will be approved until such time as the annual allocation ($15,000) is exhausted.