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Old map of middlesex county

On January 1, 2001, the corporations of the Townships of McGillivray, East Williams, and West Williams, the Corporation of the Town of Parkhill and the Corporation of the Village of Ailsa Craig became amalgamated as a township municipality under the name of "The Corporation of the Municipality of North Middlesex". This new municipality is a unique mix of urban and rural areas having a population of 6,700 with 2436 households. The new municipality has an excellent agricultural base, manufacturing sites, institutional buildings, and two urban centres offering retail businesses.

The townships of McGillivray, East Williams and West Williams, the Town of Parkhill and the Village of Ailsa Craig believed that there was a benefit in creating their own restructuring process. As a result of this belief, negotiations commenced. An amalgamation order was signed on March 31, 1999.

The amalgamation order determined the composition of the new Council as well as determining that the municipality would be divided into 5 wards, with each former municipality becoming a ward of the new municipality.

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