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Planning on Having a Fire?

Posted on Thursday May 20, 2021

The Open Air Burning Bylaw regulates when, where and how you can have outdoor fires. Following these regulations ensures you do not create a nuisance for neighbors. The regulations stipulate many restrictions including the hours open burning is allowed, the maximum size of a fire, the material that can be burned, wind conditions and mandatory safety precautions. To learn more view the Open Air Burn By-Law

 For Agricultural Fires

Controlled burns need to be approved by the Fire Chief in prior to burning. North Middlesex's Open Air Burn By-Law (#43 of 2004) requires a burn permit for any fire exceeding 5 feet (1.5 metres). Please contact Greg Vandenheuvel at 519-294-6244 ext 235, or 519-494-6001 (cell). Please allow up to 24 hours for a return call and permission to burn. Please have the 911 address of the location of the burn. You will also call Fire Dispatch in Strathroy at 519-245-1300 or 1-844-220-1300 before the burn, and when the fire is out.

 For Residential Fires view the attachment below.