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Ailsa Craig Water Storage - Municipality of North Middlesex Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Community Newsletter - September 2019

Posted on Monday September 09, 2019

The Municipality of North Middlesex is supplied with potable water from Lake Huron. There is currently no built-in water storage facility within Ailsa Craig, which makes the community vulnerable to not having enough water available during scheduled or emergency repairs or maintenance to the Lake Huron Primary Water Supply System. The Municipality identified the need to develop a potable water storage strategy. This study provides the basis for why a storage solution is needed and a recommended design and location for storage in Ailsa Craig. The study follows the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Process (EA) Schedule B project, which includes consideration of a process for relevant social, environmental and engineering factors in the planning and design process. Public and agency input is integrated into the decisionmaking process.

This newsletter provides an update on the study following the June 18 and 20, 2019 Public Information Centre.

New information on the preferred location for the water tower is included on page 4 of this newsletter.