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Sesquicentennial Awards

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Sesquicentennial Awards Nomination Information and Awards Criteria

To commemorate Canada's Sesquicentennial, the Municipality of North Middlesex has created the Sesquicentennial Awards program. The goal of the program is to seek nominees worthy of recognition for extraordinary contributions and/or achievements bringing honour and/or enrichments to the Municipality. During Canada's 150th year, up to 12 awards will be presented to individuals, groups, teams or organizations.

Award Winners:

Photo Gallery: Sesquicentennial Award Winners will appear here on the public site.


Who Can Make a Nomination:
Nominations can be made by any resident of North Middlesex.

150 form download

How to Make a Nomination:
Nomination forms are available online at or can be picked up at the municipal office. Nomination forms may be submitted in a sealed, clearly market envelope by mail or in person to:

Jackie Tiedeman re: North Middlesex Sesquicentennial Awards
229 Parkhill Main Street, Parkhill ON N0M 2K0

Who Can Be Nominated:
Nominees do not have to be a current resident of the Municipality of North Middlesex, except for those nominees for the Outstanding Youth Volunteerism Award. Nominees may be individuals, teams or organizations.

Selection of Award Recipients:
The Sesquicentennial Awards Committee will review all received nomination forms. The Committee is comprised of citizen representatives from all five municipal wards. Award recipients will be chosen based on meeting the criteria in the category for which they were nominated. The Sesquicentennial Awards programs is a competitive process and nominations will also be judged alongside other received applications.

Deadline for Nominations:
All nominations must be received by 4:00pm on October 31st, 2017. Late nominations will not be accepted.

Award Presentation:
Award recipients and nominators will be notified by phone or email. Award presentations will take place at the beginning of a regular North Middlesex Council Meeting (held bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings). Award recipients (or a delegate) will receive a custom piece of glass art symbolizing Canada's Sesquicentennial, engraved with their name and the award category. Family and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Nomination Information and Award Criteria

Presented to an individual in recognition of outstanding volunteer contribution to the community and their school. To be eligible for this award the nominee must be a resident eighteen (18) years of age or less as of December 31st, 2017, a nomination form must be signed by a minimum of five (5) people of which at least three (3) must be adults;
Awarded to an individual or group for high achievement in the Arts (fine art, music, dance, writing, singing, public speaking, visual art etc.) The selection committee will consider:
a) Level of achievement b) Achievement in multiple areas c) Leadership in promoting the arts or culture in the Municipality
Awarded to an individual or team that has met one or more of the following criteria:
a) Placed first, second or third in a provincial championship b) Placed first, second or third in a national championship c) Has qualified for national team funding d) Has been chosen to represent Ontario in a national competition e) Has been chosen to represent Canada in an international competition
Awarded to an individual or group. The committee in selecting recipients will consider:
a) Length of service b) Impact on the community of the service in making North Middlesex a better place to live c) Leadership in a project of benefit in making North Middlesex a better place to live
Awarded to an individual or group involved in a project that has had a considerable impact on sustainable agriculture in the Municipality of North Middlesex. Areas the committee will consider include:
a) Contribution in promoting sustainable agriculture in North Middlesex b) Receiving an award in a provincial or higher agricultural competition during the year for which the Agricultural Award is presented c) Degree of impact on sustainable agriculture in North Middlesex d) Leadership in the use of sustainable agriculture in North Middlesex
Awarded to an individual who has supported or inspired you. The committee in deciding on the recipient will consider:
a) Type and nature of the support provided b) Length of time support was provided c) Number of people influenced d) Impact of the support provided
Awarded to an individual or individuals. The committee in its deliberations will consider:
a) Benefit to residents of North Middlesex of the donation b) Leadership role in fundraising c) Leadership role in encouraging others in philanthropy.
Awarded to a person or group that has completed a local project in one or more of the following areas:
a) Completed a local fundraising campaign to benefit any registered environmental agency b) Raised awareness for environmental issues as evidenced by media coverage c) Provided a benefit to the environment in increased conservation, in restoration of natural habitat, in the use of environmentally sound practices in construction or operations.



  • In Person:
    • Pick up and complete a Sesquicentennial Award Form at the Shared Services Centre.
  • By Mail:
    • Download and complete a Sesquicentennial Award Form and return by mail to

North Middlesex Sesquicentennial Awards Committee

229 Parkhill Main Street,

Parkhill, ON   N0M 2K0

  • By Email:
    • Download and complete a Sesquicentennial Award Form and email your completed form to Jackie Tiedeman at